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Enter, Dot Slash Crypto

Welcome to Dot Slash Crypto by me, Smit Rajput.

I’m a Blockchain Engineer with a Computer Science background, who has worked in the Ethereum Blockchain space for quite some time now. Checkout my linkedin for more details.

The ultimate reason for me starting this newsletter is the BIG GAP.

Many people in the crypto space have a strong tendency to invest in or play money games with various cryptocurrencies and crypto-projects, hoping to make double-triple-digit returns on their investments. But the problem is, that more often than not, they don’t completely understand the beasts they’re putting their time and money into, only to be rekt later.

This, is the BIG GAP.

As an engineer who has seen things from the ground (for Ethereum at least), I hope to fill this gap.

In this newsletter, I’ll do my best to provide an independent, unbiased and simplified analysis of crypto currencies and projects, giving you tech and non-tech insights into them, in order to help you decide if they are really worth your time and money.

This could be the right audience for this newsletter:

Crypto (enthusiasts, traders, investors),
DeFi (super) users, degens, yield farmers
Blockchain (geeks, developers, engineers)

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